Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker XL, 8 Quart, Deluxe Accessory kit, Recipes, Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Egg, Sauté, Steamer, Stainless Steel

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Anonymous says:

Yedi vs Instant Pot, Go For Price Instant Pot and Yedi are made by the same manufacturer and have some components in common. The primary differences between the two is that the Instant Pot lid does not need to be put on the counter when open and it has a cook book enclosed. They both work really well. The 6 quart size will easily do a meal for 8 in short order. Our son and daughter in law have the Instant Pot 6 quart and we have the Yedi 6 quart. We also have the Instant Pot 8 quart. At the time of our Yedi purchase before…

Anonymous says:

Very Glad I Bought this Cooker Look, I’m just a basic guy. When I cook something, it has to be fairly simple but I also want it to taste good. Usually it doesn’t. While I like to eat “gourmet,” I don’t have near the patience or interest to cook that way. I have made up a recipe I call a “beef stew chili.” I throw in some bell peppers, onion, jalapeno, cayenne pepper, etc. – you get the idea – and then throw in a couple of pounds of beef stew meat. Usually this recipe comes out with rubbery meat, even it…

Anonymous says:

Great piece of kitchen equipment Love it. It will not replace my rice cooker….I don’t think. But I absolutely love it.A note to the wise, however. What you gain with an electric pressure cooker is a safe way to cook quickly–sort of. It takes a long time to pressurize and a long time to de-pressurize a pressure cooker. So when you see a recipe that says it cooks in 20 minutes, the total time will really be much longer than that–like maybe 40 or 45 minutes instead of 20 minutes. But this is unattended time. Just…

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