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Package Contents:1 x Electric Pressure Cooker1 x Spoon1 x Ladle1 x Measuring Cup1 x Glass lid1 x Sealing Ring1 x User Manual1 x Steam Rack1 x Recipe Book Specifications:Voltage: AC 120V / 60HzRated Power: 1200WCapacity: 8.4 qt (8 Liters) The Best Cooking Tech, CombinedThis premium 8-in-1 programmable kitchen appliance with advanced microprocessor technology incorporates all

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Package Contents:
1 x Electric Pressure Cooker
1 x Spoon
1 x Ladle
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Glass lid
1 x Sealing Ring
1 x User Manual
1 x Steam Rack
1 x Recipe Book

Voltage: AC 120V / 60Hz
Rated Power: 1200W
Capacity: 8.4 qt (8 Liters)

The Best Cooking Tech, Combined
This premium 8-in-1 programmable kitchen appliance with advanced microprocessor technology incorporates all the greatest features. It has new and improved programs and features to continually support your fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyle. This Cosori 8 Qt. Pressure Cooker includes 3 newly cooking programs: Hot Pot, Pasta/Boil, and Sauté/Brown. Also included is a recipe book packed with delicious meals designed especially for one-pot pressure cooking. Other non-pressure functions include traditional slow cooking (with high, normal and low settings) and yogurt-making (with a high setting ideal for pasteurizing, and a low setting ideal for glutinous rice). Of course, a manual cooking mode allows you to select your own pressure and temperature levels.

Thoughtful Design
This new appliance is equipped with a large LED display and a new user interface for easily adjusting cooking settings and pressure levels, or stopping/canceling the cooking process at any time. We use the latest technology to monitor pressure and temperature, keep time, adjust heating intensity and duration, and control cooking temperature curves precisely for the finest results. Greatly improve your cooking results, and consistently so! The Cosori Pressure Cooker is carefully designed to protect you from many overlooked errors. It’s also ETL, FCC, & FDA certified and maintains 9 proven safety mechanisms to give you uncompromised safety and peace of mind.


Anonymous says:

Comparison to Instant Pot I’ve had the InstantPot Duo 6 Quart for several months and used it 2-3x per week, so I was interested to try out the Cosori model, as well as the larger 8 quart size. In terms of quality and cooking style, this Cosori is essentially identical to InstantPot. The buttons, design, and format are all very much the same. Which is actually a vote in favor of the Cosori — without being able to tell any difference in quality or design, the Cosori is a better value for the money as it comes with…

Anonymous says:

Is there something wrong or is that the way Cosori programmed it? UPDATED Review. I’ve have the 8qt Cosori for 2 weeks and have used it 10 times. I’m not sure if my PC is defective or not. Every time I use the Meat/stew function and when it finishes cooking I press the off button. It shows “off”. And when I want to cook it longer, I would repress the meat/stew button. The screen would keep circling for a long time and not go to the countdown time. And if it doesd go into countdown time mode and finish the countdown time (supposedly Finished cooking) , when I do the…

Anonymous says:

Just as good or better than the “other” brands! I have to say that I am incredibly impressed! This is not my first pressure cooker. I have owned the Farberware brand and truly love my Farberware 6 qt. I was looking to increase size and have yogurt making function. I assumed I would be buying an Instant Pot brand due to all the hype. But I decided to ask around and read reviews. Not only did I like the price point better on the 8 qt Cosari vs the comparable IP model but the Cosari comes loaded with extras!- Extra Silicone Seal-…

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